8 Benefits of Learning Something New Every Day

learning something new every day

Are you learning something new every day? I think we have all already heard it for a couple of thousand times that we must learn to become successful. Even our parents kept telling us to learn to have a great future. But hearing that more and more will only push us away from it.

Today I want to share the 8 benefits of learning something new every day that motivates me to learn every day. I embrace learning as a big part of my life, it is not something I need to be pushed to do. I just do it because I know the benefits and it has become a part of me.

I believe that people need to find their ‘reasons’ or the ‘benefits in learning’ that motivate them. Every person will learn for different reasons. I hope these reasons can help motivate you to start learning every day.

Lets have a look at the benefits of learning something new every day.

Now I’m going more indepth on each topic in this blog post, and we start off with the big one; it helps you gain confidence.

Gain confidence.

When starting to learn something completely new, most of us get really excited and cannot wait to start becoming an expert in it. But after a while, we understand that to be proficient in a certain topic, we have to learn A LOT, and that can be quite discouraging or daunting.

But when we learn something new every single day, we take small steps that take us forward to our end destination. And all those little steps every day are small wins that can boost our confidence.

Let us take for example someone who wants to become a graphic designer. When he will set out small to-do’s or goals he can do every day, and accomplish most of them, he will gain confidence about his ability to become an expert in that certain field.

When we succeed in learning something we feel better, more confident in ourselves and our ability to tackle all kinds of different tasks.

And eventually, after all these days of hard work of learning something new every day, we become an expert in a certain field. We will gain a huge confidence boost because we see that our hard work paid off and we accomplished something we set out to.

“Self-confidence is developed through keeping promises you make to yourself.” -Ed Mylett


Makes you more interesting

When you learn something new every day, will it be of one certain topic or of all kinds of different topics? Learning all kinds of different topics, just out of curiosity for this world, will broaden your knowledge and help you with your day to day conversations. You will start to have more things to talk about.

When you actually put in the work to learn something, you will talk enthusiastically about it. Because you did the work, and you are passionate about what you have learned.

When people see you talk enthusiastically about a certain topic, they will find it way more interesting to listen to you, and it can actually help you make new friends. If you visit events about the topic or just talk to someone new, and they notice that you are quite knowledgeable, it leaves a good first impression.

Makes you happier

With knowledge comes power, but also happiness.

Learning can just make you happier. When you gain confidence after learning something new every day or make more friends because of your knowledge your happiness will be indirectly affected by your efforts. You will get a boost from having increased your skills or when you have achieved something.

As humans, we also have a natural desire to learn and make progress. Some psychologists call it ”mastery”. We are all out to gain mastery in a certain area, and when we learn and make progress in that area, we become happier.

It can reduce stress

In the short-term learning might look like it might give you more stress. However, according to the following study, we actually become happier when we learn something we actually want to learn, not something we should learn.

“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.” – Art Williams

This study by Harvard found out that learning something new can help you cope with stress. Learning something new every day is a tool to ease stress. When you learn something new, your focus will be on the amazing things you are learning and the person you will become when you do that rather than on daily worries.

Investing work and seeing the pay-off will automatically leave you experiencing a boost of energy and positivity.  It makes you feel good and in return reduces stress.

Another study from the University of Sussex also reported that reading something can relax you more than listening to your favorite tunes, going for a walk, or even enjoying a cup of coffee/tea (just as a side note :P).

Combats boredom.

How many days have you had in your life when you just felt bored? Whether at work, on a commute or at home. I guess plenty of times…

Well, with learning that does not have to be the case anymore. Remind yourself that there is just sóóóó much to learn still, so many interesting topics that are waiting to be discovered by you. Your mind is craving new knowledge, it wants to be expanded.

Most of us spend time looking at our phone, liking pictures on Instagram or sharing our food on Snapchat, while we could have spent our time learning something we are actually passionate about.

I do not believe in boredom and I do not accept it in my life anymore, because, for me, time is the most important asset I have. If I cannot respect my own time, how can I ever respect other people’s time?

I have not felt bored for one day since I came in touch with self-education. When I found out how much there is still to discover my curiosity just spiked and never let me get bored again. When I do not learn or work, I rest intentionally.

Has a compound effect

What people sometimes forget is that learning something every day will pay off tenfold in the future. Sometimes, it seems like we are learning every day but not progressing as much as we would expect to. In those moments, we forget that learning every day has a compound effect on it.

When you learn something new every single day, every piece of knowledge will stack onto the other one. Eventually, you will have a full pile of knowledge of a certain topic. You will become way more proficient in a certain topic or way more knowledgeable about a lot of different topics.

Do not get discouraged if you do not feel a huge change in your knowledge after just a couple of days or weeks. Learning is not something you should do for a short period of time, it should become a lifestyle. And your knowledge will keep growing every single day.

learning something new every day

“Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE” ―Darren Hardy, The Compound Effect


Keeps you younger and more creative

You might think that studying is something that only young people do, while in fact, learning something new every day makes you young.

There have been many studies showing how studying can affect our brain, especially learning new things. It puts our brain into an unfamiliar and mentally challenging state. It is not just enough to passively listen to something or do some short brain games. You will have to actively learn something.

A study that has been done by the University of Iowa found out that learning for as little as 2 hours a week can fight the mental decline that is associated with aging.

That is already one crazy reason why I would just study every day for a little bit. Stay young and healthy forever! 🙂

It’s fun

In the end, learning should be fun. Learning should not be something you have to be forced to do like we had to on school. Because when we are forced to do something it attacks our autonomy, and that is one of the 3 motivators of the self-determination theory of motivation.

But when we choose to learn for ourselves, it is our own decision and we are way more motivated to learn. And when we are motivated to learn, we will also have fun learning it.

Of course, learning something new every day is never fun all of the time, sometimes we have to get past the hard and boring parts, but when we do and when we get more confidence and success in our learnings, we also enjoy it more.


These are the 8 benefits that I see of learning something new every day. Look at which reasons resonate more with you, and see if it can be used as a motivator for you to learn something new every day.

It does not have to be 2-3 hours each day, you can start with 5-10 minutes of reading a book or watching an educational video on YouTube. The internet is full of information, can’t really miss it haha ;).

Good luck on your new daily learning, and if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message on one of my socials or in the comments!

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Nick Colo

I’m a 23 year old psychology dropout currently living in Antwerp, Belgium. I’ve started a couple of companies all from scratch from my desk at home by the power of self-education. I have a mission to share my knowledge about self-education and help people create their desired life through the power of self-education.


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