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how to have a productive day

6 Tips on How To Have a Productive Day

Imagine drastically improving the quality of the results you achieve, by implementing a couple of tips that will help you have a productive day. How …

how to read more books

How to Motivate Yourself To Study: The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking around for the best articles on how to get motivated to study online but can’t really find the best tips and tricks? …

two types of thinking

The Two Types of Thinking: Focused vs. Diffused Thinking

Whenever I take a shower my brain starts coming up with so many different ideas and new creative ways to attack my problems. I always …

Teaching others what you learn

Why Teaching Others What You Learn is Extremely Effective (3 Tips on How To Do It)

Do you want to remember about 90% of everything that you’ve learned? Well, who doesn’t? After doing some blog posts for Brainiosity, I came across …

how to learn efficiently

How to Learn Efficiently: Learn 56% More Effectively

What if I told you that you can improve your learning efficiency by 56%? Would you be interested in knowing more about how to learn …

best free learning apps

50 Best Free Learning Apps for iPhone and Android (2019 Version)

This is the biggest list of free learning apps for iPhone and Android phones. As you already know, learning is not only done in school …

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