3 Practical Ways on How to Increase Your Self-Awareness

increase your self-awareness

When someone asks, who are you? Can you honestly answer that question?

Deep in your core, deep in your soul and deep in your heart do you know who you are and why you do what you do every day?

Most of you who are reading these kinds of blogs want to improve their lives, but do you actually know exactly what you need to improve? Or do you know what you’re already exceptionally good at?

Today we will go over the topic on how to increase your self-awareness and how you could get to know yourself a little bit better. I did some research on self-awareness and found a couple of practical ways to increase your self-awareness and get to know yourself better.

Here’s the short version:

Look at yourself from a 3rd-person perspective and try to criticize your own decisions and actions. Look at all your daily actions and see what actions don’t move you forward and which actions do. You can do this by keeping a journal and just take about 10-20 minutes, and reflect on your days, write everything down what you can think of, let your mind flow freely. The next thing you can do to increase your self-awareness is to ask feedback from trusted people. Open yourself for feedback from others and use the feedback to improve yourself.

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem, and that’s true in every aspect of life. You have to know what you’re weaknesses are to improve them, and you have to know what your strengths are to use them to your advantage.

There cannot be any self-improvement without self-awareness.

“Way too many people are going to spend 30–40 years of their life trying to check the boxes of the things that they’re not good at and waste a fuck load of time and lose.”
– Gary Vaynerchuck.

What is self-awareness?

Self-awareness (sometimes also referred to as self-knowledge or introspection) is about understanding your own needs, desires, failings, habits and everything else that makes you tick. The more you know about yourself, the better you are at adapting changes that suit your needs.

Essentially, the more you pay attention to your emotions and how you work, the better you’ll understand why you do the things you do. The more you know about your own habits, the easier it is to improve those habits. In most cases, this takes a little experimentation.

Of course, knowing yourself doesn’t mean that you are able to fix your problems right away, but it’s certainly the first step you need to take to improve yourself.

You can’t always solve every problem in your life, but you can make make improvements.

Benefits of increasing your self-awareness

You will understand yourself better.

With self-awareness, you will have more than just a basic understanding of yourself. You will use your self-knowledge as a guide that will help you throughout your days and help you with all the choices you will have to make.

When you are self-aware, you know what you like and what you don’t like, what you accept and what you don’t accept. This will help you decide what you will do with your time. You will not waste your time anymore on the things you don’t like to do. Instead, you will spend more time on the things that actually make you enjoy life.

You’ll know what makes you tick and what you have to do to go into your productive state.
What do you usually do before you have an amazing night of rest? Maybe you’ll find out that when you drink some nice green tea before bed that you actually sleep better. This discovery could have a huge impact on your life!

With this kind of self-reflection, you will save a lot of energy and time throughout your life.

You’ll know if you’re on the right path in life.

There are many times in my own life where I was just lost and didn’t know what to do. I was feeling overwhelmed and just didn’t know anymore if I was heading in the right direction. I didn’t know what to do next, so I did what I do whenever I feel like this; I took my journal and reflected on myself.

increase your self-awareness

I usually write down everything that is on my mind and answer a lot of different journal questions like “What do you want to accomplish in life?” or “How does your life look like in 10 years?”.

These questions make me think, and this thinking helps me see my path to the future again. I get more clear of where I’m heading toward. If what I’m doing right at that moment is not catapulting me towards my goals then I know that and can stop going that direction and steer it to another path.

But I wouldn’t know that I’m heading into the wrong direction if I didn’t use a little bit of self-reflection and thought about where I am now and where I want to be in the future.

You will use mistakes as a tool for growth.

People who are self-aware are also self-aware of the mistakes they make on a regular basis. And what makes these people so different is that they will use these mistakes as a tool for their personal growth.

When you make a mistake or have a failure in life, you can look at what happened and try to reflect on it. See what you could’ve done better and think about how you will improve it the next time.

This way you will use self-awareness as a weapon for your self-growth. No mistake will just be a mistake that makes your life harder but will be used to improve yourself.

How to increase your self-awareness

Learn to look at yourself from the outside.

increase your self-awareness

You have to try to study and criticize your decisions and actions. See what kind of things you are doing daily and think about if they were the right things to do. What made you make that decision and did it serve you in the long run?

The key here is not to feel bad about the actions you took, but to look at them from a different perspective and see how you can do it better next time and improve yourself by being your own biggest critic.

You can do this by:

Keep a journal.

The best way you can increase your self-awareness is by keeping a journal.

You can develop a daily practice of setting aside at least 10-20 minutes to reflect on your life and your days. This practice enables you to focus on the important things in your life.

increase your self-awareness

Reflect on your life and your days. This practice enables you to focus on the important things in your life.

A journal makes you more aware of what you’re doing and where problems might be arising from because you can document anything. If you spend time documenting the decisions you make and the actions you take, in the long run, you can detect patterns that you might not have seen before.

You will notice more things about yourself and start to really understand how you function in different kinds of situations.

There are tons of different ways on how you can keep a journal and different ways a journal can help you. Look around on the Internet on what kind of journal might help you.

Seek feedback from trusted people.

We all have traits that others see, but we are unable to see in ourselves. We call these ‘’blind spots’’.

Try to ask your friends or family to give an honest opinion about your strengths or weaknesses. Let them know that you are seeking an honest opinion about yourself and let them know they can feel free to give you an informal but direct view.

Tell them that you won’t be mad at the opinion and you will accept it as a good friend and its because you’re trying to improve.


You won’t increase your self-awareness within one day. Rather, it will take years of reflection, introspection, and difficult conversations. As you follow these three practices, you will find you will become more comfortable being open, transparent, and even vulnerable. If you do that, you will become a more self-aware person.

It’s important to remember that self-awareness is introspection, but it’s not navel-gazing.

Self-absorption and overthinking won’t get you anywhere. But being aware of your needs and acting on them can help you become a happier and more fulfilled person. Don’t start just looking at your behaviors and seeing all the bad things you do. Instead, try to reflect on what went wrong and improve yourself for the next time a situation as this comes around.

Hope you got a little bit better today.

See you next time.


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