The 4 Proven Steps on How To Learn FAST

how to learn fast

I guess you want to learn how to learn FAST, that is why you are here right?

Well, you are in the right place..

kind of..

People always try to find hacks and tricks to shortcut learning or anything in life and do not want to put in the work. The reality is that learning something is not easy, and it takes hard work to gain great expertise in a certain topic.

But it is not impossible.

Learning anything just takes discipline, willpower, and consistency, especially if you want to learn fast. And today we are going to look at a method on how to make sure you learn FAST or at least learn something better.

I am going to explain a method to you that I have learned from Jim Kwik and it is called the FAST-method. This method has four parts to it that will help you learn anything faster and better.

Let’s dive right in.

F – Forget.

It might sound counterproductive to forget while you are trying to learn something new. But sometimes the things you do not expect are the things that are actually working.

Start with a beginners mind

By forgetting, I mean forgetting the knowledge you previously had about that topic in order to have a fresh start with that topic and begin with a beginners mind. This helps you step into a topic with fresh eyes and ready to learn all there is.

If you want to know how to learn fast, you have to start with a beginner’s mind. It puts you in a position to enter topics without biased opinions about the topics. You start looking at them as a full beginner and start looking at things you might have missed about a topic. With that, you will get that enthusiastic beginners mentality and really become present and soaking up all that new knowledge.

Set aside your limitations

Many of us have limiting beliefs about our abilities. We don’t believe we are capable of doing and achieving the things we want to. We believe there are only a few that are capable of achieving great things, but actually, every single one of you is capable of achieving great things.

The problem with us now is, that we have these limiting beliefs. And they hold us back from creating the life we desire. We need to set ourselves free from these beliefs and start believing in ourselves with complete confidence. Believing in our capabilities to achieve great things.

So, from now on, do not think anymore that you are not capable of achieving great things or learning new things. Forget these limitations and start thinking with a positive mindset about your future!

A – Active.

Many of us have the tendency to start learning a new topic passively. We look for information online, take a course or go take classes but we are just sitting and listening passively, we don’t understand yet how to learn fast.

It is important to listen, yes, but to really learn new topics fast you have to start learning actively.

Take notes

This advice is given a thousand times in the education industry – but it works. Still, a lot of people neglect the power of taking notes. They think we can remember everything we have learned each day, only because we listened really well and will be able to remember it after just hearing the information. The truth is that we actually forget about 80 % of the information after 72 hours.

how to learn fast
The Forgetting Curve – Ebbinghaus’ Epiphany

Taking notes gives you more control over the things you remember. Taking notes makes you remember the content better because you first listened to it, then thought about it and finally, wrote notes in your own words on a piece of paper. The simple act of writing the information down triggers different areas of your brain which help you remember the information better

Ask questions

Just listening and taking notes might not be enough sometimes asking questions will make sure you are actively learning something. When you ask questions, you activate another part of your brain that makes a better connection with the information and this helps you learn fast. Because YOU asked the question, there are stronger emotions attached to it.

Asking questions you truly want to have answers to will set in you in a state of active learning and is a good way on how to learn fast.

“Learning is not a spectator sport. Practice, take notes or ask questions.” – Jim Kwik

S – State.

Emotion = memory

Learning is not just about being physically present and listening or reading something. It is about having your emotions in a positive state. You have to check in with yourself in what kind of state you are when you are learning something. Your emotions play a critical role in your learning.

In learning, emotion equals memory, because you remember most of the things that had an emotional impact on you.

Remember all the times you were bored in class back in the days? Well, I do not think you remembered the information that was given those days.

Because boredom is not an exciting emotion.

But I bet you can remember an awesome day in class where something was just different. The teacher did something cool, or there was a funny moment in class, those moments you remember. It’s because there was a strong emotion attached to it.

If there is one thing you learn from this post on how to learn fast, it should be:

Learning depends on emotion.

Change your physiology

When we are learning, we can get into the habit of sitting at our desks for too long and get in bad physical shape. We do not allow all the fluids in our body to flow properly and we can even get a bit foggy because of that. There are thousands of studies showing how movement helps us to focus better. And most people move way to less than is recommended by doctors.

I am not telling you to go the gym 7 days a week and pump that iron (would be nice though! :p). But even some short exercise moves can make a huge difference in your overall life, energy, and focus. You can set a timer in between your learning so that it goes off every 30-45 minutes and reminds you to stand up.

You can stand up and do any exercise you like, burpees, push ups, squats or just walking around the house. I recommend jumping like a rabbit, thank me later. With these short movements in between, you make sure your blood starts flowing and your brain will lighten up and get back the focus!

“Feed your fitness. Starve your mediocrity.” – Krystal Breakly

T – Teach.

The last part of the FAST-method is teaching someone else, something that is sometimes forgotten by people but is actually the most powerful way of learning. Teaching someone the topic you have learned will let you think about the topic more carefully and will let you explain the topic in your own word. This repetition actually enhances your learning.

how to learn fast
The Learning Pyramid

Teaching someone something means you are learning it twice. It strengthens the information you already have.

Maybe you can teach someone else the ways on how to learn fast, you’ll remember it better;).

So next time you are about to learn something, try to learn it with the intention in mind to teach it to someone else. And if possible, teach it to some of your close people; your family, friends or spouse. Just explain the topic in “normal” words, so they can easily understand it.


This is the how to learn FAST-method from Jim Kwik, if you put these 4 steps into practice in your next learnings, it will definitely help you learn faster and better. Just be conscious about these four steps whenever you learn something.

Also really think about the step that you might have been neglecting in your learnings. Try to boost that one area and see if it changes the way you learn and if it helps you to learn faster.

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Nick Colo

I’m a 23 year old psychology dropout currently living in Antwerp, Belgium. I’ve started a couple of companies all from scratch from my desk at home by the power of self-education. I have a mission to share my knowledge about self-education and help people create their desired life through the power of self-education.


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