50 Best Free Learning Apps for iPhone and Android (2019 Version)

best free learning apps

This is the biggest list of free learning apps for iPhone and Android phones.

As you already know, learning is not only done in school but can be done everywhere thanks to the power of technology. And we have an amazing piece of technology in our pockets every day; our phones.

With these amazing phones, you have access to the best free learning apps to this date. But what are the best apps?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered: I have compiled a list of the 50 best learning apps out there. The best part? All of them are free!

Jump right into :

So if you like to get your learning to the next level, you’ll love this comprehensive list I’ve created for you.

The Best List For Free Learning Apps

Best Educational Entertainment Apps:

Education doesn’t always have to be just about studying, it can also be entertaining. You can watch amazing talks or find some really good educational documentaries that will enhance your knowledge.



Free learning apps - curiosity stream

From the makers of Discovery Channel, CuriosityStream has started to inspire learning, creation, understanding, and exploration. Their documentaries will spike your curiosity in unexpected areas.

TED Talks


Free learning apps - Tedx

One of my most-used apps to get some fresh, new ideas. With their slogan “Ideas Worth Spreading,” you know you’re at the right place.



Free learning apps - Netflix

Believe it or not, Netflix is not only for binge-watching your favorite series. There are tons of amazing documentaries. In fact, you can find some of the best documentaries ever on there. But be careful not to get caught up in aloop of watching series for hours straight ;).

Best Podcast Apps:

Almost every day I spend some time listening to podcasts. When I’m in the gym for over an hour, I always have an episode of The Model Health show or Impact Theory on, so when I train I also learn something new.



Free learning apps - Stitcher

This is my go-to app for listening to podcasts, it’s free, easy to use and has a really nice interface.



Free learning apps - Spotify

Not long ago, Spotify started to also put podcasts on their amazing streaming app. I use Spotify mostly for music, but once in a while, I also listen to a podcast here.

Apple Podcasts


Free learning apps - Apple Podcast

When I still used my iPhone, I always used their own Podcast app, it’s amazing and so easy to use. Unfortunately, I can’t use it anymore on my Galaxy S8.

Google Podcast


Free learning apps - Google Podcast

Google is also seeing the hype in the podcast game and created their whole own podcast app. If you have a Google Home speaker, you really need this app.



Free learning apps - overcast

An award-winning podcast player. Free to use and has an amazing clean design with nice audio features.

Best Online-Course Apps

Online courses are where the real knowledge is these days, not school. You can learn practically everything from anyone. These are the course apps that I use on a normal basis.



Free educational apps - Skillshare

One of the leaders in online education. If you’re watching youtube videos, you can’t miss all the Skillshare sponsorships. And Skillshare is truly worth it, you can try it during a free month to see for yourself.

Khan Academy


Free educational apps - Khan Academy

How much do you still remember from (high) school or university? Well, Khan Academy can teach you about subjects like mathematics, economics, computer science, history and much more. And they do it in an amazing way!



Free educational apps - Udemy

My go-to place to learn a new skill. For just about $ 10,99 you get a full course with sometimes more than 30h of information about a particular topic. This is how I learned about web development within just 1 month. Personally, I find the teachers really passionate here.



Free educational apps - Coursera

One of my other go-to placed to learn new skills is Coursera. You get educated by the best professors from the best universities in the world. If you want to start a new career without going to university, go here.



Free educational apps -Edx

EdX offers you a lot of courses from big Universities in topics like engineering, psychology, big data and many many more. You can also get a degree after you’ve completed the course.



Free educational apps - Mindvalley

If you want to make a big change in your life, Mindvalley is the place to learn how to do that. Mindvalley’s mission is to deliver transformational education for everyone, and it’s a lot of fun!

Best Audiobooks Apps

In the 21st century, all of us are just too busy to sit down to read sometimes. That’s why audiobooks are so trending right now. They help us save time and still get an immense amount of knowledge!



Free educational apps - Blinkist

You don’t have a lot of time to learn or read books but you still want to get knowledge in? Then Blinkist is perfect for you, you will have access to an amazing book library with audio-summaries of the book that just take about 15 minutes.



Free educational apps - Audible

One of the most famous places to go for audiobooks, and it’s amazing. Audible might sometimes be more on the expensive side, but their collection of audiobooks makes up for all of it! Try your two free audiobooks right now! 🙂



Free educational apps - Audiobooks.com

The app named Audiobooks is exactly what the name promises, a platform with Audiobooks! It offers an amazing library of books with more than 40.000 thousand books. Audiobooks also has amazing features like their cross-device-syncing.

Google Play Books


Free educational apps - Google Play Books

Next to providing the opportunity to read books, Google Play Books also lets you listen to many of their books across different platforms and devices. With that, you can listen to your book on your phone and continue it later on your PC.

Kobo Books


Free educational apps -Kobo Books

Kobo is less known, but I use Kobo Books quite often because I have an e-reader from them. They also deliver a rich library of audiobooks (and normal books).

Best Language apps

Always wanted to learn a second or third language? Korean, Spanish or maybe Dutch? These apps below will make sure you get off the right start.



Free learning apps - Duolingo

How can you learn languages but not have heard about Duolingo? Not possible. Duolingo does an amazing job of gamifiying learning languages with creating bite-sized minigames that you just have to do a little bit every day. This is how I start learning new languages.



Free learning apps - Babbel

An app that will help you learn up to a fluent conversational level in 14 world languages. It covers a wide range of different topics in each language and does the trick with short 10-minutes-bites each day.



Free learning apps - Memrise

This app will help you ‘’ memorize’’ new words in a fun way. They use a variety of different ways to make sure your retention goes up!



Free learning apps -Anki App

One of my way to-go apps on learning something new and especially a language is a flashcard app. And well, Anki is an amazing flashcard app. It’s super simple to use and tracks how much you’ve learned every day, so you can keep track of everything.



Free learning apps - Lingo Deer

This is still a fairly new app in the language industry but a really powerful one. You practice the language you want by different types of exercises which also include a lot of grammar explanations. It has been said by my girlfriend that it’s one of the best apps to start off as a beginner.

Best Note taking apps

What would learning be without note-taking? Stop learning passively and write down what you learn. Not only will this enhance your comprehension but will also keep all your knowledge in one place.




This is, in my opinion, THE BEST app for taking notes and organizing everything in an easy way. What I like most about this note taking app is that it’s way more than just that, it’s a todo app, calendar, CRM-manager and you have a huge amount of freedom on how you want things to look, so try it out now!




One of the most famous note-taking apps there is right now. It’s pretty easy to use and provides cross-platform syncing. You can easily add photos, notes, and even documents whether you’re on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Google Keep



I personally use this one for fast notes when I’m on the go. It has an easy to look at interface with a sticky notes kind-of-vibe. It does not have too many features but that’s the whole point of Google Keep, they want to keep it simple and clean. If you’re looking for a note-taking app without to much fluff, this is the one.




Microsoft’s OneNote is also a good option if you’re already using Microsoft’s Office. It has most of the features that Evernote and other note-taking apps have plus a lot of extras.

Best Learning to Code Apps

If you have ever wanted to learn to code but always thought that you have to be a math expert, I’m here to tell you-you’re wrong. The apps below will help you learn coding wherever you are right from your phone!




This is an awesome learning-to-code app for beginners. It starts from the complete beginning of different big languages like Javascript. The lessons are really short, so you can do it whenever you’re on the bus or waiting for someone, no excuses! The only downside is that Encode is only available for Android at this moment.




This is another really simple but powerful coding app and one of the highest rated ones out there. It helps you learn programming concepts by going through short texts and taking quizzes afterward. Also, it works with score points to keep you motivated!

Programming Hub


50 Best Free Learning Apps for iPhone and Android (2019 Version) 1

With this app, you can master up to 18 programming languages! It asks you what profession you want to learn for and displays a list of languages that you should learn for that exact purpose. They offer complete courses with over 1800 programs and you can access the materials even offline.




This app offers courses taught by people that are the best in the industry and work in companies like Google and Facebook. There are a lot of free courses but also premium ones if you want to go a little more in-depth. This is a great platform for people who want to really level-up their coding skills.

Codeacademy Go



A very simple but effective way of learning to code for everyone. You’ll learn the basic structure of the code behind apps and websites you usually visit.

Best Learning Musical Instruments Apps

Learning an instrument is an amazing skill to have and it’s also fun to do! Below you will find a couple of the best free apps that can help you learn a musical instrument!

Ultimate Guitar


Free learning apps - Ultimate Guitar

This app gives you access to a huge catalog of different music options such as guitar, ukelele chords, lyrics and tabs and this all on your smartphone. There are over 800.000 songs for you to explore and learn from.




Yousician will help you learn to play the piano, guitar, bass or ukelele. It’s a super clean designed app with a huge variety of ways of how you can learn your instrument, from lessons to challenges. It splits songs into parts, so you can focus on practicing and once you’ve mastered all the parts you can try the whole song!

Simply Piano by Joytunes



One of the most popular apps on learning to play the piano. You can start learning from the basics and progress step by step to the more advanced lessons. There are tons of amazing songs available for you to practice.




This app has been recognized as one of the apps that makes learning piano super easy. It allows you to practice songs you love and helps people from the very beginning of their piano skills.




A very practical, informative and user-friendly app that will improve your guitar skills no matter what level you are on. You can learn bass, 12-string guitar, mandolin, ukelele, and even the banjo! It will help you learn to play the guitar with games specifically designed for you.

Best News Apps

We can learn a lot from the news, from politics to technology. Keeping up to date with everything that is going on will help you stay knowledgable.

Google News



Where do you find most of your information? Google, of course, so why not also get your news from there? Google News is an amazing platform that makes sure you’re up to date with all your favorite categories. You can follow all the topics and news sources that you’re most interested in.




The way this app presents its articles is just amazing: it’s very easy to read, turning boring articles into amazing presentations. You can pick from a variety of topics, interests, and websites and you’ll build your own ‘’smart magazine’’ with articles from all these resources. You’ll only need this one app to have all the topics you want.




Feedly is built on RSS, which means, like Flipboard, you can simply add all your favorite websites in it and have them all in one place. It has an amazingly easy-to-use interface.




Pocket is more like a ‘’read-it-later’’ app, where you can save all the articles that you want to read but don’t have time for at that moment. It also has ‘recommended’ and ‘explore’ options where you can see a list of articles that are trending in Pocket, the ones that are saved many times by their community with over 10 million monthly active users.

Best Dictionary Apps

How do I write “Dictionary”? Oh yeah, let’s have a look in a dictionary itself. Where? Just in my pocket by using some of the best dictionary apps! Amazing how far we have come with technology.




This is one of the most popular dictionary apps with a ton of features. You can use it for 30 languages with audio pronunciations and even explanations about the word’s origins. They even include slang, idioms, and phrases. It’s an all-in dictionary that you can take everywhere with you.

Oxford Dictionary



The Oxford Dictionary is the one I end up with most of the times. It has a massive collection of over 350.000 words, phrases, and meanings and it provides you with guides on how to use them, too.

Pocket Thesaurus



This is not just a dictionary app but it can be used to improve your English understanding as well. I love to use this one to find different synonyms for words, you just have to select the word and you’ll get synonyms for it.

Best Brain Training Apps :

With these apps below, you can improve some of your cognitive skills by playing brain training games wherever you are. Try to do some problem-solving training while you’re on the train or bus, it’ll keep your mind young!




This training app is made to improve your focus, speaking skills, processing speed, memory, and even math skills! They create personalized pieces of training for you and adjust over time depending on your results. It has over 40 brain training games which have been designed by experts. You can track all your improvements and even compete with your friends.




This is one of the most popular brain training apps with over 90 million people that use it! It starts off with a test that checks your baseline score, and you’ll get a personalized training traject depending on the score. It has daily workouts that include puzzles, problem-solving, critical thinking, and memory games.




This app will help you boost all types of cognitive skills within the brain. The amazing part of Memorado is that it has a huge research community and the games were developed by brain training experts. You’ll get the best games that are proven to improve your cognitive skills in a fun way.




Peak has been around for a while in the app industry, and for a good reason. It’s an amazing brain training app that has over 40 unique games that are designed by neuroscientists and game experts to challenge your memory, attention, language comprehension, coordination and much more.

Brainwell Mind



With different quizzes and tests in Brainwell Mind, you can improve your problem-solving, attention, memory and language skills. You’ll get a daily workout composed of free games that have been developed by neuroscientists and game design experts.

The power of our technology in 2019

These days, technology is everywhere. Not only have our day-to-day lives change because of this, but so did the way we learn new things. We can learn wherever we want and whatever we want.

We live in such an amazing period and most people are not even aware of this great opportunity.

You don’t have to go to a classroom every day if you want to become an expert in a certain field. You just look up the right resources online, learn from them and put them into practice.

So.. What Do You Think?

Well, this was the list of the best free learning apps for iPhone and Android devices.

I hope you found some new apps that can enhance your learning journey and help you in your daily learnings!

Now I want to hear from you.

Was this list helpful to you?

Have I missed one of your favorite tools?

Either way, let me know in the comments or message me on any of my social media platforms! I try to respond to everyone :)!

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