Why Failure is the Stepping Stone to Success

failure is the stepping stone to success

If you’re like most people, you probably have a bad relationship with failure. You perceive failure as something bad and as evidence that you are not able to succeed.

You might think it only happens to you, but the truth is that it happens to everyone.

Everyone fails.

The difference that makes some people succeed while failing is that these people understand that failure is the stepping stone to success. They understand what to do with their failures.

What if I tell you that all your failures could actually bring you closer to your goals?

Today I’m going to give you a better understanding of why failure is the key to success and how you can use your failures to reach your goals.

What is the meaning of failure is the stepping stone to success?

Success can mean a million different things, each person views success as something else.

For someone, it might be having $100.000 on their bank account while for the other it might be having a big family.

The meaning of success is hard to grasp for me, but what I can tell you is that success can’t happen without failure.

Failure is inevitable if you want to reach success in any area of your life.

Once you fail at something, you should not stop. You need to observe the mistakes that you made and try to see what you could’ve done differently. And re-adjust for the next time, but don’t stop, it’s just one failure.

Successful people fail more because success is a numbers game.

To reach the success you have to keep trying, trying and trying. If you fail 50 times, you try it 51 times. Because the more you will try, the more chance you will have in reaching the success.

failure is the stepping stone to success

You will have to try a lot of different things to make one thing work. Don’t quit because something didn’t work out the first time.

Youtuber Evan Carmichael has a YouTube channel with over 1.9 million subscribers, but he posts about 3 videos a day and has tried tons of different content ideas. Most of them didn’t work and he had to scrap them, but some of the content ideas really became trending.

All the ideas that he made that didn’t work weren’t a waste of time making. Those failures were a stepping stone to his success. He needed to try all these types of content to understand what his audience wants and what he needs to focus on next.

So, as you see, why failure is a stepping stone to success, is that it brings you a step closer to where you want to be. You just have to view your failures as stepping stones and not as roadblocks.

Why failures are the pillars of success

Most people fear failure, they will think that it prevents them from success. While actually, failure is the key to success, as long as you reap the benefits of the failure.

But why are failures that important? Why can’t we just succeed all the time and reach our goals whenever we want?

That’s because failure has some benefits that you’ve probably overseen. Let me show you a couple of these benefits.

You will value your success more

If you have failed many times at reaching a certain goal, and then finally one day you reached that goal. You will value the achievement way more than when it was just given to you.

It’s the same when parents say to their children that they have to work hard to get the things they want because they will value it more. Then the kids always say to just give it to them and they will value it even tough, but we all know that isn’t the case.

Doing something hard and conquering difficulties makes you more satisfied in the long term.

Taking the easy road will not make you as happy and satisfied in the end, it will be something you will just take for granted. But when you’ve fought for it, and have failed many times trying to achieve the goal, you will understand the value of it.

Think about the moments where you overcame failure or difficulties, did you value the results more?

You will become stronger

You will become bored if everything you try to do happens without working hard for. The purpose of a goal is not the goal itself, it’s who you become while you are trying to reach it.

Becoming a greater person through all that blood, sweat, hard work and failures. It shapes you into a strong human being. You’ve overcome difficulties you’ve never thought of overcoming and you’re still here.

You will become a great mentor

Who are the people who can teach you the most? The people who’ve failed the most of course. Someone’s failure doesn’t have to just be beneficial for that person. If you fail a lot of times, you will create a large amount of experience and you can teach others what to do or not do to, so they will avoid the same failures.

Failure is the Stepping Stone to Success
Failure is the Stepping Stone to Success – Teaching Others

Whenever you overcome failure, see if you can help someone else avoid this failure. Then you’ve created a strong reason why this failure should’ve happened. You had to teach this to someone else and bring value to them.

I’m guessing you didn’t have a super easy life all the time, you also faced some difficulties and overcame them. Think about how it made you into the person you are now today.

How to use your failures as the stepping stones to success

It will always suck when you hit failure, but hitting that failure points doesn’t have to be the end for you. There are ways how you can use your failure as a way to reach your success.

You have to accept that failing is okay and a part of growth. There are lessons to learn from that failure and everyone fails at some point in their life.

Learn from your failures

The most important advice I can give to you is to learn from your failures. It’s something that has been said over and over again by influential people but it’s so true.

You have to look at your failures and analyze what you did wrong and how you could improve on it the next time.

Ask yourself why it happened. Was it the result of something that you did or was someone or something else also a part of it?

Don’t fear to take the responsibility of your failures, sometimes we as human beings make mistakes and that is perfectly normal.

It’s not a failure if you learn something.

Plan the future for prevention

Now you know what happened and how it happened and you can plan the future so that it won’t happen again.

Think of all the ways on how you could avoid this failure again in the future. Really think of the practical steps you have to take to avoid this failure again.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

failure is the stepping stone to success

View it as progress

Try to have a different outlook on failures than most people. Don’t look at them as something negative but look at the failures as small steps of progress.

If you fail at something, it didn’t mean that you ‘’really failed’’ at something. But you made progress. You’ve learned what doesn’t work and how you would tackle it better the next time.

It’s progress, every failure brings you a little bit closer to your goal. It’s not a waste of time or energy, it’s a crucial step to achieving your goals.


If you’re not failing you’re never going to win. There is nobody who has a 100% success rate.

Look at where all the famous people have started, where they were in the middle and where they are now. Even those people are still failing right now while trying to reach the next level. Don’t think that you’re the only one who fails.

Keep failing my friends, and reach your goals!

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