A Controversial Way of Creating the Best Morning Routine

best morning routine

Morning routines, don’t you hear about it all the time? Well, I do.

Everywhere I look, somebody is trying to explain his or her best morning routine and what you should do to reach success. But are these morning routines suitable for everyone?

Wake up early, exercise, meditate, read books, be grateful, dance around, take a cold shower, work on your hardest tasks and more and more… But do all these things really help you

Everyone is different, and all these healthy habits above might not be the best fit for you. Or at least not right now. Creating the best morning routine is done one step at a time, and not changing your routine from nothing to everything.

If you’re already doing all these amazing healthy habits, great! Keep going and be proud of yourself. But if you’re like most, and are figuring out what kind of morning routine is best for you, I would suggest you to keep reading. 

I will just talk about some of the points that other people don’t write about. This is not a full guide on how to create the perfect morning routine. These are just some tips I use myself whenever I create my own morning routines. 

The fundamentals of a morning routine 

Every morning routine will look different from person to person, but there are some universal fundamentals that every morning routine has / should have. I will go briefly through them. 

  1. A good morning routine should consist of around 3-6 activities that make you start the day amazing and happy or push you towards your goals.

    If you’re just starting out, I would suggest really picking only 2 ór 3 activities that you want to do every morning and sticking with it for the next 2 weeks. If you first make sure these activities become a habit, it will be easier to implement more great habits into your morning routine later.

  2. Another huge fundamental is, don’t look at your phone as long as you can. If you look at all your messages and notifications, you let other people into your life and start with all their worries. Give yourself 1 hour to just enjoy the peace and quiet, just by yourself.  

Life is not a race, it’s a marathon. Take it easy and live your life one step at a time. 

Get enough sleep

Don’t fall into the trap that you have to wake up every day at 4.30AM and start working as a productive monster. We can’t all be the CEO of Apple Tim Cook haha!

You’ve got to make sure that you start your morning by having enough sleep during the night. The amount of sleep needed differs from person to person, but every person needs approximately 6 – 8 hours of sleep. And of course, the quality of the sleep counts even more. 4 hours of good sleep is better than 8 hours of bad sleep


There is nothing wrong with waking up at 4.30 AM but you have to make sure you’ll get your hours in. So if you want to wake up that early, you should also have a lifestyle that allows you to go to bed early. 9 PM would be amazing. 

But not all of us are able to sleep that early, life gets in the way. So on average people go to bed around 11.30 PM, so waking up at 4.30 AM would only give you 5 hours of sleep… That’s not that healthy.

Find out what time you can go to bed(the earlier the better) and calculate the 7-8 hours of sleep and set your alarm for that time. Try to get a good night’s rest, you will start your morning awesome!

If you can, try to train yourself waking up without an alarm. While we sleep, our sleep has cycles of around 90 minutes, from light sleep to REM-sleep to deep sleep. And the alarm can interrupt that cycle which will make you feel groggy when you wake up.

When you wake up without an alarm clock, it makes you feel naturally rested. Just make sure you get up and don’t keep sleeping! Haha!

Start with you

Creating a morning routine starts with you. 

What do you like to do in the morning? What makes you happy and start the day fresh? 

Ask yourself these questions and find out what you can do to start your daily routine the best as possible.

Do you like dancing on Spanish music? Having a walk around your neighborhood? Drawing a new piece of art? Or maybe you just like to do nothing in the first 15 minutes. Do that thing.

Don’t let all these ‘’ morning routine experts’’ tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing in the morning. It’s your life, and your morning, you should be the person who decides what a good morning looks like, right?

Choose at least 1 activity that you truly enjoy doing and would make every morning just amazing.

For me, it’s grabbing a cup of coffee and doing something that brings my heart rate up while drinking the coffee. For example, doing some pushups while drinking coffee in between sets. I just feel good when I do something that pumps my heart, like any movement.

Work on your goals

The way you start your day is the way you’re going to live your day. 

That’s the reason why I try to work on at least 1 life goal of mine in the morning. After I’ve done some of my fun activities, I start working on my blog. I made writing 800-1000 words a part of my morning routine. So it’s not the question anymore if I will write today or not, It’s part of my daily morning routine. 

Look at your biggest goals and think of activities you could do that will move you forward towards these goals. They don’t have to be super hard or long, but just a small action that brings you one step closer.

It can be a fitness goal, side hustle goal, creative goal. It all depends on where you want your focus to be. 

Do you want to start an e-commerce website to sell your amazing products? Study e-commerce selling every day or network with people online who might buy your product. 

Do you want to become a web developer? Study web-development every morning for 30-60minutes. Practice and make websites every morning.

Just look at your biggest goal, and look at an activity that you could do daily to bring you forward. 

Set the intention for the day

Whatever you do in the morning won’t matter if you don’t set an intention for the rest of the day. Your morning routine could be perfect and super productive, but if the rest of the day just goes through the motions, was it also a good day?

An intention in this sense is, creating a clear picture of how you want this day to be, what person you want to be and how you want to treat others. 

If you set your intention for the day, you will know what you want to achieve during that day. No matter what life throws at you, you will have a clear picture of what you want that day to look like and how you want to act.

Setting your intention in the morning will wire your brain to look for moments where you can fulfill this intention. And if you’ll act on those moments, at the end of the day you will feel like it was an amazing day and not just one of these ‘normal’ through the motions kind of day.

So what is your intention for today? Have you set one? If you haven’t already, set it now and see how your day will massively improve.

Remember to play the long game

Most of us want to have a perfect morning routine right away, read a couple of articles, watch some videos, create the routine on paper and from tomorrow on we have the perfect morning routine, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Creating an amazing morning routine takes a long time. Even when you feel like you have a good morning routine, life happens and it just gets destroyed and you have to re-create it all over again.

I’ve changed my morning routines already more than 10 times, and it just improves every single time. I learn more about myself and what I do and don’t like to do in the morning. What I’m good at in the morning and where I suck at in the morning.

So you have to remember to play the long game and create your morning routine step by step. Try things out, see what works and what doesn’t. Along the way, months or years from now, you will have YOUR perfect morning routine and it will be better than you could’ve ever imagined it to be now.

So start now, start creating your morning routine.

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Nick Colo

I’m a 23 year old psychology dropout currently living in Antwerp, Belgium. I’ve started a couple of companies all from scratch from my desk at home by the power of self-education. I have a mission to share my knowledge about self-education and help people create their desired life through the power of self-education.


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