Just a little introduction

About Brainiosity.


Brainiosity has been created with the goal to change the educational system by teaching people how to educate themselves, no matter where they are from or who they are.

I will do my best to help people create their own life through the power of self-education, by teaching them everything about learning, productivity, habit-forming & optimal health.

Educate people on how to become a self-taught learner, and to gain mastery in a skill without a formal education. Helping people becoming an autodidact by teaching them where to get information, how to learn the information and how to discipline themselves to learn it.

Unleashing the ”learner” in you. 

The main question for me to answer is: “How can one become successful with the power of self-education?”

I’m a 23 year old psychology dropout currently living in Antwerp, Belgium. I’ve started a couple of companies all from scratch from my desk at home by the power of self-education. I have a mission to share my knowledge about self-education and help people create their desired life through the power of self-education.

Learning is an important part of my life, and I want to share this love of learning with the world. And hopefully impact some people’s lives and help them create their own life.

Next to building Brainiosity, I own a web development company, love to travel, love to workout and am a health-freak.

Nick Colo


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